dBlack Lion, Imanuel’s new solo album, is not the first musical undertaking by this international recording artist.

A singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Imanuel has been writing, arranging, and composing songs since an early age. His musical quest has taken him from the Middle East to Europe to North America to Ethiopia.

In France, Imanuel has helmed Roots Reggae World, a band of musicians of African and French origins—reflecting the cosmopolitan and cross-cultural milieu in which his music has been evolving for almost two decades.

Imanuel’s singular sound has coalesced through these experiences. The result is his socially engaged lyrics and multilayered instrumentals and arrangements that draw on world, roots reggae, soul, rock ’n’ roll, and traditional Ethiopian music.

With dBlack Lion, Imanuel’s brand-new, self-produced, 13-song original album, he joins with acclaimed musicians from Paris, New Orleans, Brooklyn, and beyond to arrive at unique lyrics, melodies, and rhythms: Sam Koné, Abongy “Richacha” Balengola, and Carlos Gbaguidi on drums; Raymond Doumbé, David “Ras Jumbo” Jno-Baptiste, Yovo M’Boueke, Philippe Gnangny, and Emanuel Yerday on bass; Muctaru Wurie on keyboard; Fabio Deldongo and Vincent Théard on piano; Nelson Ferreira, Thierry “AEB” Elbaz, Alex Legrand, Florian de Junnemann, and Shahar Mintz on guitar; Breno Brown on tenor saxophone; Boney Fields on trumpet; Pierre Chabrele on trombone; Izia Wallerich and Léo Dedieu on violin; Olive Perrusson on viola; Julien Roussel on cello; Romain Maquet on transverse flute; and Philippe Nalry, Emanuel Yerday, Carlos Gbaguidi, and Armando “Rumba” Assouline on percussion.

Imanuel boldly expresses, protests, and unites through his music—and dBlack Lion is his mystical and urgent roar.





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